No Game no life Season 2

No Game no life Season 2
No Game no life Season 2

History of No games no life:

No game no life
No game no life

No games no Life (Nō Gēmu Nō Raifu) is Japanese novel series by Kamiya Yu. The series is about a group of human gamers. They are trying to usurp the throne of God by defeating the God of the game in a series of board games.

No game no life series published:

From April 25, 2012, to January 25, 2018, 10 novels were published with the J mark of MF Library.

No game no life manga:

No game no life manga
No game no life manga

The author and his wife Higi Shinro adapted the novel into a manga series in 2013 to live for the monthly manga.
Later in the same year, Madhouse announced that No Game No Life would be adapted into an animation. It premiered on AT-X from April to July 2014 and was broadcast by Crunchyroll outside of Japan.

The sixth volume of the animated film No Game No Life Zeropremiered on July 15, 2017. In addition, the spin-off comic “No Game No Life, Please!” with Izuna as the protagonist was revealed from May 27 to November 2015 on January 27, 2017.

The No Game No Life franchise is localized in North America by Seven Seas Entertainment licensed comics, Sentai Filmworks animation, Yen Press light novel series.

Female Character Shiro, Male Character Sora in this image

The story behind the No Games No Life Series:

The story behind the No Games No Life Series
The story behind the No Games No Life Series

The series tells the story of Sora and his young stepsister Shiro. These two characters form the identity of an undefeated group of gamers, Blank.

One day, they were challenged by the God of games to play chess and won. Therefore, God summoned them to Disbard, a world where theft, war, and killing are forbidden. Everything is decided through games, including national boundaries and even human lives.

Sora and Shiro plan to conquer sixteen ruling species and usurp the God of the game to maintain their reputation as undefeated gamers.

No games, no life popularity:

The series began to gain recognition in 2014 when it appeared in Kono’s light novel ga Sugoi! And was listed as one of the top 30 best-selling novels in Japan.

According to reports, in May 2017, the circulation exceeded 3 million copies.

The English localization of manga and anime is also viral: the adaptation of the manga appeared in the New York Times comic book bestseller. Meanwhile, British critics generally rejected the first episode of the animation. Although the critics who completed the series generally Praise the role dynamics, game strategy, and spirit, and dislike fan service featuring underage whites.

The prevalent trends of anime, manga and light novels were viral in the early days.
Despite the irregular release schedule, “No Game, No Life” is still top-rated. In particular, this animation has attracted many admirers.

Fans and critics praised the series’ characterization, premise, and incredibly vibrant animation and color palette.

Although it is still prevalent, especially in its original light novel form, No Game No Life has only one anime season.

The reason may have nothing to do with its popularity but the lack of source material to continue the performance.
Here is some information that fans should know about the No Game No Life Season 2 and why it takes so long.


Sora and Shiro are step-brother and sisters of two hikikomori, known as Blank, a group of undefeated gamers in the online game world. One day, they were challenged to a chess game by Tet, a god from another reality.

The two achieved victory and were asked to live in a game-centric world. They accepted, though it was a joke, and were summoned to a reality called Disboard.

There, a spell called the “Ten Oaths” prevented the citizens of Disboard from harming each other and forced them to settle their differences through gambling.

The rules and rewards of these games were magically enforced. However, rule enforcement only occurs in the game when the opponent recognizes and discovers the cheating method, allowing players to cheat prudently.

Sora and Shiro travel to Elkia, where humans live and become friends with the Duchess Stephanie Dola. Knowing the decline of Elkia, the two participated in a competition to determine the next ruler; after winning the championship, they obtained the right to challenge other species of Disboard as human representatives.

Their next goal is to conquer all 16 species to challenge the Tet game; five of the sixteen are under their control by the sixth volume.

No Game No Life Season 2 Characters, Cast & Staff:


Characters Voice Actor
ShiroAi Kayano (Konosuba)
Izuna HatsuseMiyuki Sawashiro
SoraYoshitsugu Matsuoka (Sword Art Online)
StephanieYouko Hikasa (High School DxD)
IzunaMiyuki Sawashiro (Noragami)
JibrilYukari Tamura (Steins;Gate)
FielMamiko Noto (Fairy Tail)
ChlammyYuka Iguchi (Re:Zero)
TetRie Kugimiya
Ino HatsuseMugihito
MikoNaomi Shindo
No Game no Life Characters List


DirectorAtsuko Ishizuka (NGNL, Sora yori mo Tooi Basho)
Series Composition, ScriptJukki Hanada (Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!, Granbelm)
StudioMadhouse (One Punch Man)
Character DesignYuu Kamiya (Clockwork Planet)
No Game No Life Staff List

Principle Characters:

  • Sora and Shiro
  • Stephanie Dola
  • Jibril
  • Werebeast
  • Kurami Zell and Fiel Nirvalen
  • Dhampir and Alarms

Sora and Shiro:

Sora and shiro no game no life season 2
Sora and shiro

Sora is an 18-year-elderly person who is acceptable at the procedure and cold perusing, while his 11-year-old stepsister Shiro is acceptable at estimation and rationale.

Since they use spaces as the brand name of the game name, the two together structure the undefeated game personality Blank.

After the demise of their folks, the two, as of now, not had an enthusiastic association with society and ultimately became agoraphobia and avoiders.

At the point when the two isolated, they started to endure alarm assaults. After Sora and Shiro were gathered to Disboard, they overcame Tet to keep up with their undefeated standing as Blank.

Yoshitsugu Matsuoka voices Sora, and Ai Kayano expresses Shiro.

In the English confinement of Sentai Filmworks, Sora and Shiro are named by Scott Gibbs and Caitlynn French individually.

Yoshitsugu Matsuoka voices Sora, and Ai Kayano expresses Shiro.
In the English confinement of Sentai Filmworks, Sora and Shiro are named by Scott Gibbs and Caitlynn French individually.

A 2014 survey by Charapedia recorded Bai and Kong as the two most astute anime characters ever.

Stephanie Dola:

no game no life season
Stephanie Dola

Stephanie is a young teen lady, the granddaughter of the previous ruler of Elkia, a nation where people live. She has a great deal of precise information. However, she comes up short on the instinct to dominate the match.

Her granddad was infamous for losing the game and surrendering Elkia’s territory. Accordingly, Stephanie endeavored to reestablish the honor and humankind of her granddad.

After Sora and Shiro were delegated, she turned into their colleague and was liable for taking care of Elkia’s financial and political issues.

They found that her granddad had stowed away the records of different species, which turned into their victorious resource; her involvement in Sora and Shiro worked on her abilities to a level that could overcome conventional people.

She is voiced by Yōko Hikasa and Sara Ornelas is voiced in English.


Jibril no game no life
Jibril /Image credit Artstation

Jibril is a flying heavenly messenger, an incredible heavenly messenger race known for its pitilessness.

He has a background marked by over 6000 years and is the most youthful and generally excellent of her species. She won Elkia’s library from Stephanie’s granddad to store her books and use it as her home.

In the wake of losing to Sora and Shiro in Shiratori’s down, she turned into their slave however was dealt with similarly.

She frequently gives wizardry or transportation necessities to the hero.

Afterward, she started distributing books dependent on Sora and Shiro, which put them on the map among the Winged. Tamura Yukari voices her, and Amelia Fischer is expressed in English.


Werebeast No Game No Life season 2
Werebeast No Game No Life season 2

The conflict monsters are high-physical orcs; their nation is known as the Eastern Federation.

She has helped the Eastern Federation prosper in the past fifty years as an obscure witch.

She has an uncommon capacity called Blood Destruction, which builds her actual capacity by burdening her body. She shaped collusion with Sora and Shiro, who vowed to carry advantages to humankind and war monsters.

Naomi Shindo voices this character, and Suzelle Palacios is expressed in English.

Simultaneously, the Beast Embassy in Elkia is addressed by an eight-year-old youngster. The Beast Ambassador Izuna Hatsuse has an innocent disposition, can utilize copula desu, yet has a high IQ and destructive blood force.

After the cooperation among people and the monsters, she is the dedicated accomplice of Sora and Shiro, whom she adores and trusts. Sawadai Miyuki voices her, and Kira Vincent-Davis is expressed in English.

Her granddad, Ino Hatsuse, will be with her will, who thinks it has self-centered and ulterior thought processes and doesn’t care for him. After the people framed a union with the monsters, he worked with Stephanie to formalize the collaboration. Mugihito voices him, and John Swasey expresses in English.

Kurami Zell and Fiel Nirvalen:

Kurami Zell and Fiel Nirvalen
Kurami Zell and Fiel Nirvalen

Kurami is an eighteen-year-old young lady who is viewed as a captive to Phil the Elf. Albeit the Kurami’s have been captives to the Neilwarren family for ages, her relationship with Phil resembles a girl and a mother.

Simultaneously, Phil is viewed as a failure of the entertainer, yet furtively gifted.

For Klamy, she was ready to double-cross Elven Garde, the nation where the mythical beings lived; the two schemed to get Phil to acquire political ability to cancel servitude.

Sora figures out how to convince Kurami to turn into his partner by offering his memory to her. Iguchi Yuka named Kurami, and Noto Miko named Phil; they are called in English by Kara Greenberg and Christina Stroup separately.

After the third volume, another supervisor was doled out to the series. Kamiya noticed that the third volume contains plot improvement and plans to offset it with more cheerful and lighthearted occasions in the fourth volume.

The fourth and fifth volumes were composed into one book; because of the absence of a peak finishing off with the fourth volume, Kamiya needed to revamp the story.

Combined with correspondence issues with the new proofreader and different matters in Kamiya’s day-to-day existence, the arrival of Volume 4 was postponed by one month.

After finishing the fifth volume, Kamiya was approached to present the original copy of the 6th volume for the movement transformation before 2014 and complete the volume before the activity debut.

Dhampir and Siren:

Dhampir and Siren
Dhampir and Siren

Dhampir and Siren is an animal group with comparative attributes to vampires: they draw body liquids from different species to get sustenance; they are acceptable at change, dreams, and dream magic; and they are frail to daylight.

Their shortcoming today can be spread through nibbles, keeping different species from imparting blood to them. Simultaneously, the Siren is a female with a mermaid body.

Therefore, they need the existence of a male from other animals to recreate their enchantment. Both of these species live in a nation called Oceando.

Hundreds of years prior, the Dhampir and the Siren utilized ten pledges to build a commonly gainful connection between the two; the Dhampir was permitted to benefit from the Siren. Consequently, a male vampire would mate with the sovereign of the Siren.

Thus, individuals can repeat without killing. 800 years prior, the monarch went into hibernation, and the mating custom killed everybody aside from a male vampire.

Plum was simply the last male vampire and, accordingly, masked himself as a female; his mystical abilities were considered better than expected in his race. After eating the perspiration of Kong and Bai, he started to like their taste.

He agreed with the Siren to bait Sora and Shiro, trying to let one of these two races subjugate humanity. Finally, Sora and Shiro concluded his trickery yet chose to save the two races frantically. From that point forward, Sora and Shiro let Meihua go with them on their experiences.

Sovereign Siren Layla Lorelai utilized the Ten Oaths to rest herself yet didn’t unveil her solicitation to awaken her.
At the point when she was dozing, Amila drove the alarm rather than her.

Understanding that the ruler is a masochist and anxious to be dazzlingly excellent, Sora’s resistance to the Siren’s tempting wizardry permits him to awaken her.

No Game No Life Season 2 delivery date, cast, and plot-what we know up until now.

“No Game No Life” is a mainstream anime dependent on Kamiya Yuu’s light novel and manga of a similar name.
Both the movement and its source materials recount the experience story of half-guardians Sora and Shiro, who structure an unmatched game group, “Clear.”

At some point, an individual named Tet discovered Blank on the Internet. Tet, who professes to be the lone genuine God, provokes them to a round of chess.

After losing to the pair, Tet sent them to an elective reality called Disboard, where the game dictates everything. In this new world, the twins started to overcome 16 unique developments and became divine beings in the long run.

“No Game No Life” isn’t just an anime about systems and games, yet additionally a satire. In like manner, the show is profoundly adulated for its excellent liveliness, its exciting tones, and design.

Be that as it may, regardless of its prominence, “No Game No Life” got just one period of scenes before it appeared to vanish. Then, crazy house, the studio behind the liveliness improvement, delivered a prequel film adjusted from the 6th volume of the light novel called “No Game No Life: Zero.”

In any case, from that point forward, fans have never seen the front or back of this series. Despite this, the show has never been formally dropped, and fans are still anxiously sitting tight for the finish of season 2.

When will the second period of No Game No Life be delivered?

As of now, there is no declaration regarding the second period of “No Game No Life season 2.” Despite the show’s notoriety, Madhouse appears to have no goal of getting back to Disboard for a periodic film.

In 2017, the organization delivered an adjusted rendition of Volume 6 of the first light novel, demonstrating that the neurotic refuge was somewhere around a bit reluctant to eliminate the series.

This might be the consequence of a discussion in 2014 with regards to the first creator of the series, Yuu Kamiya. As indicated by The Storify News-Times, Kamiya is associated with appropriating crafted by a few different specialists.

Kamiya even apologized to the craftsman and repaid them for the artistry he replicated.Nonetheless, this thought is simply a hypothesis because neither Kamiya nor the insane person shelter has formally dropped the creation of this mainstream show.

Consequently, fans trust that Madhouse can re-paint sooner rather than later.

Who will show up in the cast of No Game No Life Season 2?

Since the second period of “No Game No Life season 2” has not yet been declared, there is no authority data on possible entertainers.

However, it is hypothesized that the first voice entertainers of season 1 will replay their parts in season 2.
This incorporates the authentic voices of the heroes Sora and Shiro, Matsuoka Yoshiki, and Chino Ai, just as their English naming partners Scott Gibbs and Caitlin French.

Nonetheless, this may not be the situation.

Given the vulnerability, the character of any conceivable newbie will be just about as puzzling as whatever else.
Very much like the delivery date, the entire circumstance relies altogether upon whether the maniac refuge chooses to renew the beloved series.

Up to that point, if season 2 shows up, fans can implore that their number one entertainers will remain.

What is the plot of the second period of No Game No Life?

On the off chance that the second period of “No Game No Life” is delivered one day, fans can hope to see the story keep on creating along the way of light books or funnies.

The liveliness quit adjusting in the third volume of the light novel. This implies two obscure materials between the finish of the movement and the start of the film.

Toward the finish of the primary season, Bai Hekong had quite recently effectively crushed the Eastern Federation and closed an agreement with the Elken Empire.

Before long, this gathering called an extraordinary god determined to challenge them in the game. Albeit this closure isn’t dedicated to the light novel. It doesn’t go astray to the degree that it forestalls Season 2 from refocusing.

If so, then, at that point, the second period of “No Game No Life” will continue after Sora and Shiro to defeat the nation of vampires and alarm.

Their test includes taking an interest in different heartfelt games and entering the fantasy of the Siren Princess to win her adoration.